Tibetan Reflex Therapy

Tibetan Shoulder, Neck and Scalp Reflex Therapy.

Tibetan Reflex TherapyLike all ancient people Tibetans had a significant degree of medical knowledge. The first influences came from India in the form of what is now called Ayurveda medicine. Later the Tibetan governments began sponsoring conferences to find superior abilities in the diagnosis, treatment and understanding of illness, where doctors skilled in the medical systems from China, Persia, India and Greece presented and debated their ideas regarding health and the treatment of illness.

By combining knowledge from these various medical systems, Tibetans created an approach to medical science drawn from thousands of years of accumulated empirical knowledge and intuition about the nature of health and illness.

By working with micro-body reflex maps and health philosophies from similar cultures from around the world, Lone Sorensen has developed a safe and effective form of reflex therapy ideally suited to help relieve symptoms of upper body stresses, aches and pains, which she named “Tibetan Reflex Therapy”. See her website reflexologiafacial.es for more info.

Effects of Tibetan Reflex therapy

As a masseur and after I qualified as a Sorensensistem™ Tibetan Reflex Therapist I decided that for my own massage therapy practice I would use this new Tibetan Reflex Therapy for upper back shoulder, neck and scalp symptoms.

The shoulders, neck and scalp are important energy centres within the body. Tension, stress, and even pent up anger feelings can tend to accumulate in muscle tissue in these areas and also in the face. Such tensions can then manifest themselves in physical issues like a stiff neck, migraines, eyestrain, etc.

Tibetan reflex therapy uses effective and calming reflexology type movements to help unblock and release the build up of muscular knotting. This treatment is very calming allowing clients to enjoy wonderful feelings of relaxation which may also help to ease physical and emotional symptoms.

Shoulders and Neck

Helping restore joint movements and eliminating muscle tensions by stretching and mobilizing the tissues of the upper back, shoulders and neck. Helping to increase the flow of blood circulation to aid the removal of toxins from the (muscle) areas, thus enabling oxygen to be distributed to all tissues more efficiently.

Head, Scalp & Face

Relaxes the scalp and helps to tone up facial muscles, Stimulates and improves blood circulation to aid facial lymphatic drainage.

Cervical Spinal

The power of touch

Touch connects us to the outside world bringing people closer together and is crucial for healthy, physical, emotional and mental development.

Touch is an instinctive, natural body language that we all understand. It is from this instinctive / intuitive language of holding and comforting that the more professional structured forms of touch have evolved into what we now know and are familiar with as massage and reflexology.

When our physical, mental and emotional balances are upset we may need assistance to help restore our feelings of comfort and harmony. Finding time to relax and restore a sense of peace and tranquillity to a busy lifestyle is so easy and achievable with this amazing Tibetan Reflex Therapy.