TCM & Neuro-Foot Reflexology Sorensensistem™

1-picture-footTCM Foot Reflexology Sorensensistem™ uses traditional Chinese / Tibetan theories and methods to describe the body’s energy zones and meridians.

“TCM” before or after the word reflexology is an abbreviation meaning “Traditional Chinese Medicine

In 1978 Lone Sorensen started to professionally research various types and methods of reflexology. Eventually with a lot of curiosity and clinical experience she decided to combine various ancient Chinese / Tibetan acupressure, meridians and energy (chi) knowledge observed by the “Black Hat School of Medicine” with modern Western reflexology theory and techniques.

Lone’s new TCM and modern energy combinations proved extremely effective and helped her to create a very successful International School of Reflexology based on the Sorensensistem™ method.

In July 2014 I went to the Instituto de Reflexologia in Barcelona, Spain to study along with some of Lone’s international instructors an enhanced Instructor’s TCM & Neuro-Foot Reflexology course taught by Lone Sorensen herself. Since that time I have had many Clients who have actually immediately noticed the physical difference and positive effects of this new style TCM Reflexology Sorensensistem™. Consequently I now base all my foot reflexology treatments on the TCM Sorensensistem™ method, as my client feedback is good evidence for me that this method is often my Client’s preferred form for reflexology treatments.

Neuro – Foot Reflexology Sorensensistem™

“The conduction of the impulse through the nervous system”

TCM Foot Reflexology Sorensensistem™Neuro-Foot Reflex Therapy “Praxis Vertebralis” – This is a Tibetan Neuro-Reflex Therapy method based in Posturology, which is a method that is performed on the feet.

This method first appeared in Tibet about 500 BC. It was performed directly on the spine. The ancient technique has now been renewed and studied by doctors in Argentina, which revealed more accurate neurological connections. So now it’s possible to perform this method from areas and points on the feet.

Tibetan Foot Reflex therapy Sorensensistem™ is a neurological Reflexology technique, developed by Lone Sorensen.
“Praxis Vertebralis” as the Tibetan Neuro-Foot Reflex therapy is also called can be used as an independent method or combined with traditional reflexology and massage techniques.

With this technique professional specialist reflexologists may help to restore some fundamental balances in the body – physically, chemically, biologically and mentally and also help to rebalance some postural problems. An unconscious bad position can cause imbalances and problems with a person’s health. A course of Neuro-Foot Reflex Therapy treatments may help to realign a person’s postural conditions and this may also help some clients recover faster as these more accurate neurological reflex connections may help to alleviate some types of pain, diseases and dysfunctions.

I learnt this brilliant neurological foot reflex therapy technique with Lone Sorensen in 2010 when it formed a major part of my practical study work for Temprana Reflex Therapy. I have come to rely on this method for Clients with neurological and autoimmune illnesses – especially when the treatments are combined with TCM Reflexology or Facial Reflex Therapy. Here in Cornwall I have gained much practical experience working with MS clients at Cornwall’s Merlin MS Therapy Centre:

Graham Sluter

Praxis Vertabralis (Neuro Foot Reflexology) used in Temprana Reflex Therapy