Japanese Cosmo Lifting Sorensensistem™

Sorensensistem™ Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a natural, non-surgical, face-lifting beauty treatment developed and taught by the internationally famous reflexologist Lone Sorensen worldwide. Lone Sorensen has been developing and improving facial reflexology and therapeutic face lifting techniques since 1980’s. She has tried and tested many other facial therapies and cosmetic products throughout the development of the Japanese Cosmo Lifting technique and has found no other natural treatment offering such a long lasting quality facelift.

Japanese Cosmo Lifting Treatment

The Japanese Cosmo Lifting treatment includes only naturally sourced Sorensensistem™ products. The treatment uses a white clay face mask at the start to detoxify and deeply cleanse the skin in preparation for the facial muscle toning work which uses 100% pure rose Mosqueta oil, and then a rosehip ash mask is used to lift and tighten the face. Natural salt balls or discs are used to lightly massage and cool the face before the client sees the amazing face-lifting effects.

During a Japanese Cosmo Lifting treatment the texture of the skin changes as the reflexologist’s techniques manipulate the face muscles helping to restore vitality and bring balance to the facial muscles and structure. Muscle tone improves and this can help to reduce the look of wrinkles.

Japanese Cosmo Lifting IncaEarth

“Graham descibes the new Sorensensistem™ Japanese Cosmo Lifting as a natural face beauty treatment ‘with health benefits’.”

Preparation for a treatment:

  • You will need to remove earrings, and if you wear contact lenses they too will need to be removed as the treatment works closely around the eyes.
  • Please wear a slightly scooped or v-necked top as the reflexologist has to access acupressure points around the clavicle/collarbone to aid lymphatic drainage.
  • A hygienic disposable hair band is supplied.
  • The treatment will remove any make-up.

Things to be aware of after the treatment:

It is normal during the treatment for the skin to blush. Some people can remain with flushed skin for a few minutes or maybe a few hours after the treatment as the therapeutic face-lifting effects start to work. However, as soon as the flushing has cleared then it is the best time to start to show the world your new natural lifted face.

The natural lifting effect has been reported to last from 24 hours to over 3 days. A course of Japanese Cosmo Lifting treatments is advised to help maintain the effects as each treatment helps boost the facial muscle tone. Ideally, Lone Sorensen recommends two or three treatments in the first week followed by weekly treatments until eventually this can be reduced to less frequent intervals. It is also highly recommended to have Sorensensistem™ Facial Reflexology treatments for its therapeutic benefits after the second or third face-lifting treatment. This allows the reflexologist the opportunity to work with other facial reflexology techniques to help balance some of the changes that may be occurring throughout the body, as reflexology is a recognised holistic therapy which aims to promote and maintain good heath.

Lone Sorensen writes:
“Japanese Cosmo Lifting is one of the best, non-invasive ways to rejuvenate your face and look years younger, naturally. As you age, your facial tissues slow down the production of collagen and this results in the skin losing its plumpness and elasticity”.